UgCS for drone-based LIDAR missions

  • Compatible with DJI M600, M300 and M210 / M200 drones.
  • IMU initialization: Function implemented as a drone control so that the pilot can execute it at any time. IMU supported by UgCS: Eight figure and U-figure
  • Maintain correct flight height and line spacing between scans to ensure coverage and point density
  • Ensure the right drone turns and line scanning to minimize IMU error accumulation and excessive shaking of LIDAR above the area of interest

UgCS Photogrammetry tool for UAV Land Survey Missions

  • UgCS by SPH Engineering is a globally known UAV mission planning and flight control software solution
  • Supports almost any UAV platform
  • Provides convenient tools for areal and linear surveys, and enables direct drone control
  • Ensures professional land survey mission planning using the photogrammetry technique

Vertical inspections with automatic Facade (Vertical) scan tool of UgCS

  • Automate drone photography of vertical structures (building facades, bridges, chimneys, etc.)
  • Offers a set of images that can be assembled in vertical orthomosaic for default detection and thermal control
  • Compatible with all drones, EO and IR cameras supported by UgCS

UgCS for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys

  • Integrated GPR support to get current radar statu
  • Automatic recording of data from the start to the end of the mission
  • Compatible with DJI M300, M210, M600 series of-the-shelf drones as well as UAV's based on DJI A3 or Pixhawk autopilots with ArduCopter/PX4 firmware


LiDAR and photogrammetric data processing software.
Allows data alignment, classification and layout as well as the production of numerous deliverables


POSPac UAV software allows data georeferencing that combines inertial maps (IMU) from Applanix.
This software transforms your drone into an efficient cartographic solution compatible with cameras and LIDAR systems.
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