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DRONE PILOTINGbasic and advanced operations
Did you know that Transport Canada has implemented new drone piloting regulations since June 2019? That you need a licence to operate certain devices? That there are several types of training and certifications you can obtain? We have everything you need to support you in your efforts. Soon, the sky will no longer be a limit.
Our training is divided into three parts :


Study of the basic principles of piloting, aircraft operation and regulations governing the use of drones for data acquisition purposes.



Piloting exercises in controlled outdoor terrain. Applying field protocols to ensure security. Developing good reflexes in emergency situations.

Flight review

Evaluation required by Transport Canada. After having successfully completed this evaluation, the pilot is authorized to carry out advanced operations using a drone (fly near passers-by and infrastructure)

(Source : Transport Canada)
DATA ACQUISITIONtheoretical and practical
Want to return to Earth after conquering the sky? Become the expert you've always dreamed of being by learning how to acquire accurate data with our proven methodology, which was developed in compliance with the standards of the surveying and geomatics industries.
Our data acquisition training includes a theoretical component and a practical component.
Photogrammetry (by control point or direct georeferencing)
LiDAR (Using YellowScan equipment)
Specialized cameras (thermal, multispectral)
Armed with your freshly acquired data, you now need to learn how to get the most out of it. Complete your training by learning the various stages of data processing using our specialized and renowned software. Let our trainers share their passion for geomatics.
The data processing training is adapted to your software needs. Here is the list of the ones we use:
Photogrammetry (Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape)
LiDAR (Terrasolid, Global Mapper, CloudCompare)
Thermal, multispectral data (specialized software)