LiDAR is a technology that uses laser to measure the positions of elements. Briefly, the LiDAR emits a laser pulse towards the surface, thereafter the laser is reflected on the surface and returns to the sensor, the laser sensor measures the travel time and calculates the distance between the LiDAR and the surface. This process is carried out for a large number of points per second. For LiDAR by drone, this number of points varies between 18,500 and 600,000 points / second.


The LiDAR systems we use can transmit and capture between 100 000 and 600 000 points per second. These systems are entirely independent and equipped with GPS receivers and an inertial platform, allowing the precise geolocation of the measured points. They can be installed on an aircraft or on a moving vehicle such as a train or car.
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Absolute precision ranging from mm to cm
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Point density from 50 pt/m2 to 1000 pt/m2
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Data acquisition is possible at night and in shaded areas
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Data acquisition is possible under dense vegetation cover
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Delivery formats compatible with all CAD and GIS software
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Unlike aerial photography, a LiDAR survey allows you to directly obtain a 3D point cloud in just a few clicks. This point cloud can be classified into categories (ground, vegetation, buildings, power lines, etc.), then used to generate different geomatics products. It is possible, for example, to generate a digital terrain model and contour lines from the Ground class.
relevé LiDAR permet d’obtenir directement un nuage de points 3D
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Georeferenced, classified and coloured point clouds
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CAD Drawing
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Volumetric calculation
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Numerical terrain modeling (DTM, MNS)
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3D city modelling
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Contour lines
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Calculation of tree height and standing wood volume
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Many other applications
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