About us

We are MVT. More than just a company, we are a team of which you are part, united by the passion for geomatics and the desire to innovate.
To help industries obtain accurate, high-quality geospatial data. From our turnkey services to our tailor-made solutions, MVT is here for you!
To remain at the forefront of the industry, whether through our research projects or by offering our clients turnkey solutions tailored to the reality of the market.
Proficiency and expertise. More than a slogan, these are the values that inspire each of our achievements.

What does the acronym MVT stand for?

Besides the certainty of working with a movement and innovation-driven team.


Our team of experienced scientists and engineers is committed to maintaining agile skill and unique expertise


Leaders in geomatics innovations, we aim high and we see far. We seek to revolutionize data acquisition in all its forms.


We guarantee unparalleled data accuracy and we always deliver on our promises. That is why we only use high-quality equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Our experts

Maude Pelletier, M. Sc.
Chief Executive Officer
Véronique Patoine, Eng.
Project Manager
Vincent Ricard, Eng.
Operations Director
RPAS trainer
Sylvie Boutin
Administration and Marketing Coordinator
Stéphanie St-Pierre, CEP.
Geomatics Coordinator
Juzer Noman, OLS
Land survey technician / AOLS member
Hubert Verreault
Land survey technician
Sébastien Gravit
Technical Coordinator
Eric Francoeur
UAV pilot, technician and trainer
Andreas Klein-Miloslavich, M.A.Sc
Research professional

Our partners