Acquisition platforms

Our strength is our ability to adapt to the client's reality and the objectives and specifics of each project. It is to meet this need to adjust to each mandate that we use various acquisition platforms on which our different sensors can be installed. We select our equipment based on the budget, the type of data required, the area to be covered and the resolution and precision required.



The versatility of the drone allows to quickly gather geospatial data in hard-to-reach areas, making it an ideal platform for periodic surveys of smal land medium areas. Its lower flight altitude allows it to acquire data of unparalleled accuracy and resolution.  
Ideal for small and medium-sized areas (less than 20 km²)
Ideal for remote and hard-to-reach areas
Very high level of accuracy and precision
Multi-sensor acquisition platform (LiDAR, RGB colour, multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal cameras).
Image resolution: Between 3 mm and 10 cm
Lidar point cloud density: Between 50 pt/m2 and 800 pt/m²
Absolute precision: 3 cm and more (XYZ)


Used for medium to large projects, the helicopter covers vast areas quickly. Its controllable speed allows us to acquire more precise data and with better resolution data than a plane.
Ideal for large areas (over 20 km²)
Multi-sensor acquisition platform (Lidar and RGB colour camera)
Image resolution: Between 2.5 cm and 15 cm
Mean Lidar point cloud density: Between 50 and 500 pt/m²
Absolute accuracy: 5 cm and more (XYZ)


GPS / laser scan

o   A terrestrial laser scan is performed from a stationary station, which must be moved to capture the entire location. This is the most accurate Lidar technology; with a range of up to 1 km, some equipment can capture millions of points in a single scan. This technology is often used for civil engineering inspection work.
Ideal for design and inspection work in civil engineering and architecture as well as indoor surveys
Relative accuracy: millimeter
Absolute accuracy: 1 to 2 cm
Range of up to 1 km
Point cloud density: several thousand points/m²


The mobile Lidar can be installed on a land vehicle (e.g., car or train) to quickly capture surrounding roads and buildings. Very useful in the transportation, civil engineering, and urban planning sectors, this technology provides very high precision data.
Ideal for regular monitoring of road and rail networks and for urban data acquisition
Very high level of accuracy and precision
Lidar acquisition platform
Density of the Lidar point cloud: Between 500 pt/m² and 1500 pt/m²
Absolute accuracy: 2 cm and more