YellowScan's Explorer, a long-range, multi-platform LiDAR solution

YellowScan's latest LiDAR solution brings new platform flexibility to airborne data acquisition. The Explorer is the result of several years of research and development by YellowScan and its partners to arrive at a versatile solution, with the perfect balance between size, range, accuracy and weight.

Here are some interesting features of this LiDAR:

  • Multi-platform: Compatible with a light piloted aircraft, a helicopter, and several types of drones
  • Precision: 2.6 cm
  • Accuracy:2.2 cm
  • Altitude AGL: 300 m
  • Weight excluding battery: 2.3 kg
  • Up to 5 echoes per shot
  • Applanix APX-20 IMU
  • Operating temperature: from -20 to + 40 ° C

Thanks toits versatility and above all its ease of use, the Explorer from YellowScan can tackle a wider range of projects and missions. The Explorer is designed to be efficient and simple with its single button operation.  In addition, this LiDAR solution is optimized to avoid overheating due in part to its four suction grids in combination with a heat management system inside the LiDAR for good ventilation.

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